Compassionate Parenting Workshops

“VidiMe” offers workshops and summer school on compassionate parenting as well as online support throughout the year.


  • Registration is now open for 2019 Compassionate Parenting Workshops. There will be four workshops in a series lasting two hours and half each (11AM to 1.30PM) starting Saturday 14 Semptember. Please send an email to for more information.
  • Compassionate Parenting Workshops for parents and care givers are organized throughout the year.
  • SeeMe offers an ongoing support to like minded parents in a form of the Compassionate Parenting Support group, organized once a month, lasting one hour and half with additional half an hour for networking between the parents. The next one is scheduled for Friday 13 September 2019, from 10:00 AM to 12.00 PM. To register send an email to

Parenting Seminars

Seminars are interactive, intended for more participants then the workshops organized usually as one time events.

If you are interested, you may ask for a seminar on any topic related to the mission and goals of the Center for Mutual Education.

All administrative and logistical issues may be arranged as to enable everyone who is interested to participate. The upcoming Parenting Seminar on "The New Psychology of Success: Never Give Up" is scheduled for Monday 9 September. Welcome to register at

Giraff's corner

  • Nonviolent communication
  • Annual gatherings

Compassionate school

Imagine a school in which teachers do not shout, do not punish or threaten students but try to understand them and help to resolve conflicts and disagreements peacefully.

“SeeMe” offers training for teachers on non-violent (compassionate) communication with accompanying support programs. Various training activities enable exchange of experience and discussion of possible solutions using the compassionate approach in schools on all levels. Compassionate Classroom workshops are organized for teachers, educators and all those who are part of the educational system. "SeeMe" offers also Non-Violent Communication workshops for school children ages 5 to 18. The workshops have already need succesfuly organized in the International Schools in Sweden and Luxembourg.

Accredited Programs

Training on Managing Emotions in the classroom for teachers of all educational institutions, proposed by the Center for Mutual Education "VidiMe" was included in the program of professional development for teachers by the Montenegrin Ministry of Education for 2015-16.

The center for mutual education "VidiMe" has established cooperation with five elementary schools in Kotor municipality thanks to the project "Nonviolent communication in Montenegrin primary education" realized in 2014. with the help of the Open Society Foundation.